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Come pick up free grey, blue and compost bins at the temporary Earth Centre location! You can also drop off batteries and ink cartridges to be recycled.

This will recommence once the AMS is open to the public again! Sorry for the inconvenience. 


We offer a wide variety of books on environmental topics, which can be signed out by providing your student number and email. Check out our instagram or facebook for more information on sign-outs and pickups.



The Earth Centre is an AMS club that receives its funding primarily through student opt-out fees with the occasional grant. We are a non-profit store composed of an eight-person managerial team responsible for store operations, education, volunteers, and marketing. Along with a group of dedicated volunteers who oversee store transactions and customer service, The Earth Centre grants the Queen’s community convenient access to inexpensive environmentally-friendly products and information through its expanding library.


While the best consumerism is always non-consumerism, The Earth Centre offers a more realistic alternative by selling necessary products that were made with an environmental mind frame and have lower impacts on the environment than many store-brand products.


John Deutsch University Centre

Kingston, ON

Rm 033



Mon - Fri: 9:30 am - 5:30 pm


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